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Itasca County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Bigfork Itasca Bigfork
City of Bovey Itasca Bovey
City of Calumet Itasca Calumet
City of Cohasset Itasca Siseebakwet Lake
City of Coleraine Itasca Bovey
City of Deer River Itasca Deer River
City of Effie Itasca Effie
City of Grand Rapids Itasca Grand Rapids
City of Keewatin Itasca Keewatin
City of La Prairie Itasca La Prairie
City of Marble Itasca Calumet
City of Nashwauk Itasca Nashwauk
City of Squaw Lake Itasca Squaw Lake
City of Taconite Itasca Bovey
City of Warba Itasca Warba
City of Zemple Itasca Deer River
Township of Alvwood Itasca Squaw Lake
Township of Arbo Itasca Cohasset East
Township of Ardenhurst Itasca Elmwood Island
Township of Balsam Itasca Balsam Lake
Township of Bearville Itasca Sherry Lake
Township of Bigfork Itasca Effie
Township of Blackberry Itasca La Prairie
Township of Bowstring Itasca Jessie Lake
Township of Carpenter Itasca Deer Lake East
Township of Deer River Itasca Little Bowstring Lake
Township of Feeley Itasca Warba
Township of Good Hope Itasca Squaw Lake
Township of Goodland Itasca Goodland
Township of Grattan Itasca Coddington Lake
Township of Greenway Itasca Calumet
Township of Harris Itasca Grand Rapids
Township of Kinghurst Itasca Dora Lake
Township of Lake Jessie Itasca Spring Lake
Township of Lawrence Itasca Lawrence Lake West
Township of Lone Pine Itasca Pengilly
Township of Marcell Itasca Marcell
Township of Max Itasca Dora Lake
Township of Moose Park Itasca Alvwood
Township of Morse Itasca Deer River
Township of Nashwauk Itasca Nashwauk
Township of Nore Itasca Northome South
Township of Oteneagen Itasca Deer River NE
Township of Pomroy Itasca Pomroy
Township of Sago Itasca Jacobson
Township of Sand Lake Itasca Wirt
Township of Spang Itasca Big Thunder Peak
Township of Splithand Itasca Split Hand Lake
Township of Stokes Itasca Bigfork
Township of Third River Itasca Alvwood
Township of Trout Lake Itasca La Prairie
Township of Wabana Itasca Wabana Lake
Township of Wawina Itasca Wawina
Township of Wildwood Itasca Mountain Ash Lake
Township of Wirt Itasca Wirt
Unorganized Territory of Bowstring Lake Itasca Bena NW
Unorganized Territory of Deer Lake Itasca Cohasset West
Unorganized Territory of Effie Itasca Effie SE
Unorganized Territory of Liberty Itasca Wildwood SE
Unorganized Territory of Little Sand Lake Itasca Warba
Unorganized Territory of Northeast Itasca Itasca Horsehead Lake
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